How to Become a Men’s Health Cover Model

  • Amy Bebbington

Men’s Health cover model is a highly sought after role with many male hopefuls seeking the opportunity to make an appearance on the front of the magazine. Typically, those honoured to front the glossy cover must have the muscular physique that the publication demands. Past editions have witnessed male fitness models and celebrities alike who are either topless or wearing a tight short sleeved tee. To keep their reputation as the leading health and fitness magazine the cover models are required to reflect their intention and goal. Take note of our top tips to become the next Men’s Health cover model.


Diet – It is highly important to eat a nutritious diet that enhances your physique and stamina. Do not cut out food altogether as you will feel weak and lethargic rather than energised and pumped at the shoot. Eat little but often rather than big meals, which your body will find difficult to digest resulting in weight gain. Fruit and vegetables are the perfect way to provide sugars into your diet rather than chocolate or fizzy drinks, which will instantly provide energy that wears off after a couple of hours; think long term over quick fixes! Drink plenty of water to enhance your complexion and keep your body hydrated. If you are unsure of the right foods to eat then seek professional advice from a nutritionist who can plan a diet that works for you personally and supports your goals.


Workout – To compliment your strict diet it is also important to figure out a successful exercise routine that will create a toned, muscular physique suitable for a cover model at Men’s Health. Your presence needs to be strong and powerful with a perfect six pack, bulging biceps and pert pectorals; to name a few physical attributes. Hire a personal trainer who can provide advice on how to build muscle in the correct areas with a sensible and safe approach. Developing a stature that is suitable for Men’s Health takes time, knowledge and dedication. Do not rush into lifting weights too heavy for your strength and ability as you may cause an injury that will delay your progress and goal.


Competition – Men’s Health run annual competitions to find their cover model. This is a unique opportunity for hopefuls to enter the competition and become noticed in your desired field. The competition allows for the publication to find new talent via a different channel. Therefore, regularly check their website and social media platforms to find out when the opportunity is held and the requirements to enter. Ensure to read all the small print and process carefully to ensure that your entry is successful and makes a great impression. Good luck!!

Confidence – To appear on the front of a high profile magazine such as Men’s Health, Esquire and GQ Magazine it is essential that you are confident in your capabilities and physique without seeming arrogant. To achieve such an honour you are required to deliver on the day with a toned, muscular figure and a pose that is both masculine and professional. With experience and an understanding of the industry you will build confidence in yourself and your abilities. Securing other jobs and ensuring that your training and diet is being followed will allow for your self esteem to continue to grow. With time nerves will diminish and your first cover shoot will be a confirmation of your success and hard work.

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