4 Reasons Why Plus Size Models London Find More Work

  • Amy Bebbington

Plus size models London have a greater chance of finding work. Although the competition is extremely high there are also a lot of opportunities that arise regularly. The capital is the heart of the fashion industry in the UK, which continues to evolve and grow. Many models relocate to London to achieve their dreams of a successful career. Discover why they made this important decision to inhabit the city and pursue their goal.

  1. Number of modelling agencies 

A simple Google or Yahoo search demonstrates how many modelling agencies are based in London. Entrepreneurs, model experts and business minds alike have opened up establishments or divisions to cater for the growing demand for plus size models. It is a niche that is growing rapidly and therefore, requires a lot of agents to create a strong link with fashion brands and designers catering for the curvaceous figure. Plus size models London are attracted to the amount of agencies available in the capital as they can keep their options open and apply to a lot of agencies in the hope of being signed to one.

plus size model london

2. Plus size fashion brands

London breeds fashion with many designers residing in the city to promote their label. There are many industry experts who will invest in a fashion company increasing it’s awareness and popularity. As the plus size issue continues, passionate individuals are designing for the fuller figure creating more job opportunities for models to promote their new, innovative line. Models living in the city will be able to attend the shoot easily due to quickness and knowledge of the capital.

3. Iconic locations and studio spaces

Another reason why plus size brands choose London as their base is due it’s advertising value. The iconic locations around London are perfect backdrops for patriotic fashion campaigns that represent the city. Many brands take advantage of the beauty of the capital that is situated in their home city creating opportunities for models based in London. For studio shots, there are many creative spaces established as professional studios that can easily be hired for product shots and other fashion campaigns. Again, if London based models are easily available more roles will land at their feet rather than waiting for those living further afield. Professional photographs also gravitate towards the city as there are more opportunities to work with fashion brands and magazines.

plus size model london


4. Connections

As London is a large, influential city there are many ways to make strong links and connections to open up new opportunities. Attending events and parties that include industry professionals is a way of making a great first impression and securing a role at a plus size fashion company. The buzz and excitement of the city ensures that many exhibitions, fashion shows and parties are held in London and therefore, models will have more events to attend to use their networking skills. Just remember that the function is work related and therefore, you must act professional and friendly during the event.

Why did you move to London and pursue your modelling dream? If there are any tips that we haven’t covered please share below. 

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