Pietro Boselli Experiences Male Objectification

  • Amy Bebbington

Pietro Boselli combines his modelling and lecturing career yet feels he is a victim of male objectification. The male model is a visiting lecturer at the University College of London where he teaches lessons on advanced mathematics for engineering. His official title is a PhD chemical engineering and university lecturer. He was spotted at the tender age of 6 in his hometown of Brescia, Italy where he was advised to attend the casting for the Armani Junior campaign where he was signed instantly. As a result he has enjoyed a successful modelling career ever since despite the affect it has on his academic career.

Whilst teaching he has known for students to take pictures and ask inappropriate questions that are related to his handsome looks rather than linked to the lesson. Unfortunately, his charming appearance and modelling work has gone against him within his teaching profession. Fellow professors and students have consciously decided to take him less seriously leaving him feel ashamed and embarrassed on his success and appearance.


It is as though the flirtations, inappropriate comments and coming to wrong conclusions regarding his intelligence are overlooked due to his gender. Replacing Pietro with a woman there would be files for sexual harassment and discriminations yet male objectification seems to be accepted by society. Is this fair?

Pietro Boselli agrees with Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington who claims: “To always be put on a pedestal as a hunk is slightly demeaning….in the same way it is for women.”

He believes that women can equally be as sexually explicit as men with females pinching his behind, removing his clothing to reveal his torso and cat calling as he walks past. Pietro does admit he does not feel in danger as a woman might but it is a violation of his personal space that essentially is wrong.

Pietro claims: “People generally assume you can’t be intelligent if you’re a model. I was so scared of being undermined or taken less seriously than other students when at university that I kept my modelling career under wraps. I cancelled my contract with the agency, took my pictures offline and erased my modelling experience from my CV.”

It is extremely unfair that he is judged on his looks despite his consistently high marks. Despite his efforts to erase his modelling career from his life, individuals found out and proceeded to talk behind his back and even a tutor made a snide remark of “Is it Armani?” when he had a prior commitment. He eventually learnt to stand up for himself and felt as though he had to work harder to prove his worth. Last month a student captured a picture of Pietro when lecturing and the post went viral in the media with the headline “Is this the hottest maths teacher ever?” Is this news?

Unfortunately, Pietro is being objectified by women when simply trying to enjoy a successful modelling and academic career. He finds pleasure in both professions as he finds working out incredibly therapeutic and is proud of his physique and also wants to utilise his intelligence. Many have suggested him choosing one career option but why should he? It is society that needs to change rather than Pietro!

What are your thoughts on male objectification?

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