How To Deal With Disappointment

  • Amy Bebbington

Putting the receiver down after THE call and finding out the answer is no can be devastating. Not receiving a call at all can be even worse as your hope starts to deflate. The modelling industry is rife with rejection and therefore, a model should learn how to deal with disappointment. Aspiring models will receive their fair share of judgemental criticism and let downs. It is how you cope with the disappointment that matters.

Don’t take it personally

Remember that the agents, designers and organisers do not know you personally. It is their job to find the perfect model to fit their vision. Sometimes a casting can only last a few minutes as they have a lot of models to see. Therefore, you simply may not have the right look yet next time you might be perfect. It is really important that you don’t take their decision to heart as the disappointed feeling may hinder your progress and career.

how to deal with disappointment

Keep going

Do not let the rejection and disappointment prevent you striving for your dream. It can be easy to feel scared and intimidated to get back out there after a knock back but it is important that you do keep going. Regularly attend castings to gain more experience as you will find that in time opportunities will arise and be fruitful. Remember that as a model your career will consist of many auditions and castings so rejection will appear. However, a lot of success will start to balance those knock backs.

how to deal with disappointment

Don’t dwell on that one job

Please do not dwell on one specific rejection and how you feel as this will breed unwanted negativity. Scrutinising every last detail will not help and will add to your disappointment. Move on and focus on your next step rather than looking to the past. Concentrate on the future and moving forward to reach your goal.

Give yourself time

At first give yourself a moment to process what has happened. You can’t expect yourself to bounce back immediately. Allow for the information to sink in so that you can deal with the negative feeling properly. With time the rawness of the disappointment will disappear and you can focus on your next step. Yet, all individuals need to process whats happened to move on. To distract yourself exercise, read or play music; whatever hobby calms and relaxes you.


how to deal with disappointment

Look for feedback

Turning a negative into a positive is a great way of dealing with your initial disappointment. If the opportunity arises ask for feedback as to why you did not get the job. The response may help you improve your model walk or posing technique to secure opportunities in the future. It is a great way to sharpen your skills and make you more desirable.

How do you deal with disappointment? Do you have any tips to share – please comment below.

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