Don’t Drop out of School

  • Amy Bebbington

We live in an age where everyone goes to university. Higher education is a natural progression that most take leaving many in debt unsure of their next move in the real world. For some, it is a necessity to earn a degree. Doctors, lawyers and teachers all are required to have a degree of a high standing to fulfil their career goals. However, in creative industries where every applicant has been to university the employers are looking for something extra. This may be work experience, their own blog or entrepreneurial ideas.

Therefore, when choosing your next step in your career it is important to think about every option. If you are currently working as a teen model or have been offered an opportunity and you are at a crossroads, it’s time to consider all aspects.

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Why you Shouldn’t Drop out of High School

If an opportunity arises whilst in full time education and you are under 16, it is a must that you attend all your classes. For specific photoshoots, you may be allowed to take time out from school with permission from your parents and head teacher. View this time as gaining experience for your career yet passing your exams and getting a good education is important for your future.

Out of sheer excitement and desperation, many aspiring models aged 15-16 may feel education is a waste of time as their modelling career is starting to take off considering dropping out of education. However, it is highly beneficial to complete your high school education for the future. If you are undecided about further education you may want to defer and take a gap year to see how many opportunities arise. Alternatively, you could continue to juggle both. In your first year you can work out how to manage your two passions. It will be hard work completing that four-year bachelor’s degree yet successful people are those who do not quit and add to the dropout rate statistics. Make sure you do not burn out and protect your mental health.

Few may look to Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates who both famously dropped out of college to pursue their entrepreneurial ideas yet it is not for everyone. These two business men are the minority and worked extremely hard to be a huge success. Although it worked for them, college graduates are more likely to find a rewarding job and earn a higher income.


Modelling Doesn’t Last Forever

In such a fickle world, the fashion industry is a young persons playground. Some manage to capture the attention and imagination of fashion designers and photographers for a twenty-year period – I’m talking the likes of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. However, some have to retire in their late twenties and early thirties whereas others get a couple years in the limelight max and are then forgotten. Therefore, staying in school or deferring for a couple of years is wise as you will have something to fall back on. A plan B.

High school graduates have more choice if your modelling career doesn’t go as you were hoping.  Every model needs alternative options. Even those in the top modelling world who walk in high end fashion shows have other interests whether it is designing, writing or acting. Keep your options open. Those who complete their high school education will have the opportunity to study further at a later date if needed.

There are so many avenues open to you if you’re finding studying and modelling difficult. An online course is an option open to you as is part time learning. These tend to be more flexible accommodating other careers you wish to pursue. Students drop out of school and may regret it. Later in life they have bills to pay and find courses on the internet more suited to their lifestyle.


Reasons Why You Should Stay in School

Failing to graduate from high school due to your modelling career is a bad decision for your future. It is understandable that the glamour, excitement and buzz of fashion lures you in yet you are young enough to wait. Do not make a quick decision that you will later regret. High school dropouts have little options if modelling doesn’t work out.

  • There are very limited opportunities without your high school education.
  • College students always have their A-levels to fall back on if you do decide to study further at a later date.
  • Your parents could get in serious trouble if you do not attend school – so no skipping classes for a modelling job as your mum and dad should always be with you.
  • Being a high school student is a time where you can make lifelong friendships and experiences. A time that you can never get back.
  • It is a chance to study a variety of subjects to find out what you are truly interested in.
  • It is a time where you have little responsibility and can act like a teenager. Trust us, you have plenty of time to be an adult.


What Education is Needed to Become a Model

Technically, no qualifications are needed to officially become a model. The right look, a collection of poses, hard work and a killer walk is more than enough to make it. However, to be truly successful in the industry a business minded brain is definitely needed. It is up to you to understand contracts, ensure that you are not being taken for a ride and that you are paid fairly. Too many young people get taken advantage of in the modelling industry due to lack of knowledge. Therefore, we advise you to take a business course of some sorts. This could simply be a night class at a community college, a part time course or a full on degree depending on how much time you have.

A lack of understanding is the perfect scenario for scam artists to con you. Make sure you have the confidence to speak up and understand the business side of the industry. Also, if you do want to move into another avenue, you will have the knowledge to apply to your new venture. College graduates who specialised in business will be much more clued up.

Models Who Have Degrees

It is widely known that many fashion models have started a degree during their career. Whether this is alongside their modelling jobs or they decide to take a break, striving for academic success is brave, inspirational and sensible. However, the important aspect to remember is that they graduated from high school. If they hadn’t the following opportunities would not have been available to them. College dropouts will have fewer, if any, university courses available to them.

Both American models Christy Turlington and Karlie Kloss are perfect examples of individuals who decided to return to school. Both chose New York University in the United States as their stomping ground and are a inspiration to young models. Karlie admits it’s hard work yet she is investing in her future. Famously, she left Victoria’s Secret to begin her studies. Christy earned a B.A. in Comparative Religion and Eastern Philosophy and went on to do a Masters at 40. It’s never too late.


Make Your Own Journey

We’ve established that a traditional degree and the uni lifestyle is not for everyone. Some people hate studying and do not like the idea of getting into such a big debt. However, take time to consider lots of possibilities that compliment your modelling aspirations. Nowadays more and more people take the freelance route and juggle various professions. It is a great time to mould a career tailored to you. It will also take a lot of hard work and set backs but will 100% be worth it. We repeat do not drop out of college or school.

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