Do I Have To Tell My Parents I Want To Model?

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Modelling is a very alluring career and so many young people want to be a part of it. After all, it’s a job which allows you to gain fame and even fortune. Plus, for those with a love of fashion, modelling allows you to work in the industry that you feel passionate about. There are loads of other advantages, too, such as being able to travel and being able to meet new people from all over the world.


Do I Have To Tell An Adult?

SO. Do you have to tell your parents? If you’re under 18, the answer is yes – sorry! When you’re signing up with UK Models, you will need to inform either mum and dad or your legal guardian. It’s the same with any other kinds of modelling – if you’ve been scouted in the street, or if a brand or agency likes your ‘look’, you’re going to need parental permission, and this particularly applies to the under 16s.

Why Do I Need Their Permission?

As a minor, there are certain things companies have to do to protect you. Once you start getting actual paid jobs, your parents need to be aware of this because you’re technically not old enough to be working long hours by law. Plus, they need to supervise you to check that no brand or photographer is exploiting you, or getting you to work on projects which are too mature for you.

In fashion, the days can be long and you might be expected to travel long distances. To avoid serious penalties, all minors must typically be accompanied. If something was to happen to you on a shoot and your guardians weren’t aware, you could end up at risk and the company would be in SERIOUS trouble. That’s why any good agency, portfolio company or brand will insist on doing things by the book.

With any kind of company where money changes hands, it’s also important that the bill payer is aware. You’re not old enough to make large transactions by yourself if you’re a child or a teenager. UK Models only charges to help you start a portfolio. No agencies should ever charge you to find work – they’ll charge a commission. The rest of the money is yours to keep. You’ll need an adult on side to help you handle financial matters!

But They Won’t Understand…


Telling your parents about your dreams can be scary, but often when they can see how much you want something, they are more likely to support you. At UK Models there is nothing to hide, and so parents can call for a chat about anything at any time.

If your parents still aren’t convinced, you’ll unfortunately just have to keep trying to persuade them but respect their wishes. It’s due to legal reasons that you can’t attend our studios alone – or any good studios alone – until you are an adult.

It’s the law. It’s to keep you safe.

UK Models Rules

  • If you’re under 18, you must bring a parent or guardian to ALL appointments or shoots.
  • If you’re aged 18-21, you can come alone, but you’ll pay a slightly higher deposit.
  • If you’re 21+, you’ll be classed as a full adult with a normal deposit of £50.

Do your parents understand your dreams?

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