3 Ways to Boost your Confidence in the Modelling Industry

  • Amy Bebbington

Appearing confident and self assured whilst navigating through the industry can seem like a difficult task to undertake with many professionals to impress. When feeling anxious, nervous and unsure of yourself in a world that demands confidence and is full of rejection it can be a struggle to feel certain of your talent. The emotions and feelings that naturally arise during this time can leave you wanting to give up on your dream or in fact prevent you from realising your potential. However, it is important that these feelings do not hinder your pursuit of following your modelling career.

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Find 3 reasons of how to boost your confidence and not let your insecurity and fear stop you from accepting opportunities that arise.

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Preparation Is Important

Before agreeing to any casting or modelling opportunity it is important to be prepared by doing your research. The more knowledge that you have about a situation will make you feel more confident about the task ahead. Find out about the company, venue and travel route to avoid anxiety taking over on the morning of an appointment or meeting.

Prepare your outfit the night before. Plan your method of transport and set your alarm in plenty of time to get ready in the morning. Planning the appropriate amount of time will allow for you to feel confident on the day. You will not be worried about being late and unprepared. An organised approach to life and career situations will allow for you to be more confident in scenarios that naturally bring nerves. It may help to compile a list to help remember your plan as disorganisation breeds unsettledness.

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Positive Thinking

It is important to not focus on negative thoughts and embrace all the positive features of yourself and your life. Dwelling on rejection and pessimistic thoughts will lead you into a place of insecurity and self doubt. However, positive thinking will bring confidence and a high self esteem that will radiate from you and show in each step of your career. Push all self critical comments to the back of your mind and refuse to let them dominate your day.

Entering a casting with a smiling, happy face will make you appear strong and powerful rather than meek and shy. Sometimes pretending to feel a certain way can actually turn into a reality and allow for you to face your fears head on. You will feel so proud of your accomplishments after ensuring that your confidence levels are much higher. All models and industry experts have felt unconfident at some point in their life. However, they do not let it stop them from achieving their goals.

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Take Care of Your Self Image

Getting up in the morning, dressing in your favourite outfit, applying your make-up and styling your hair will lead to a massive confidence boost. Sometimes you may feel like working from your bed and staying in your pyjamas. However, after a couple of hours it will make you feel low. Therefore, push yourself to get showered and dressed. This will raise your perception of yourself and transfer your feelings from negative to positive. When attending a meeting or photoshoot that induces nerve put on your favourite outfit and style your face and hair. Trust me it will make you feel so much more confident especially after a rejection or a set back in your career.

How do you boost your confidence when feeling low? Let us know by commenting below.

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