Liverpool Modelling

Are you based in the North West with a strong passion to become a model?

Does the capital feel like a faraway dream that leaves you excited yet a little intimidated?

Not to worry, UK Models is the perfect opportunity to experience London and modelling for aspiring Northern hopefuls.

Why choose UK Models?

If you think that you’ve got what it takes to become a model and you’re based in the city of Liverpool or nearby in Islington, Everton, Edge Hill or Anfield, UK Models are able to work with you when it comes to making those all important decisions about your future career.

Recognised as the ‘UK’s leading model support service’ and with twelve years of modelling experience strengthening our position in the industry, we are able to guide you through the first steps of reaching your full modelling potential.

What can UK Models offer?

By understanding your dreams, passions, personality and of course seeing your look, our experienced and professional team will be able to guide you on a career path that’s suitable for you. We will explain to you the various modelling opportunities available, whether this be as a catalogue/commercial model or something more niche including fitness or high-end fashion, and then advise you honestly on what we think will see you achieving the greatest success.

Age is just a number.

Whether you’re a male or female Liverpudlian, a teenager, adult or an adult researching how UK Models can help a child enter the industry, we aim to provide you information, skill sets and a professional working portfolio so that you (or your child) are ready and prepared to begin approaching agencies.

Interested? Follow these steps.

If you’re interested in starting a modelling career in or out of Liverpool with the help of UK Models, the first step involves registering with us online. This is a really simple process that can be done from the comfort of your own home, we just need you to pop your contact details into our online form, let us know how old you are and then attach a recent headshot photograph of yourself so that we can have a look at your features.

Do you have what it takes?

As soon as you’ve submitted your form, an experienced member of our team will take a look at your information and then decide whether they think you have the necessary attributes to start working towards a modelling career. If they do think so, someone will give you a call and you will be invited to come down from Liverpool for the day for some one-to-one advice.

Travelling to London.

Train: A direct train from Liverpool Lime Street to London Euston does exist. Stopping at a few stops prior to Stafford the train then continues straight to Euston with no further disturbances. Otherwise you may have to change once at Crewe. The duration in total takes approximately 2.5 hours. Check prices online in advance to find a good deal as train tickets are very expensive especially in peak times.

Choose a method of transport that leaves you plenty of time to travel from Euston to Great Portland Street to arrive promptly. Opt for a 4 minute bus journey or a 12 minute walk.

Coach: There is an option of travelling to London by coach. However, the journey from Liverpool Coach Station takes 7 hours to arrive at Victoria Coach Station. A lengthy yet cheaper option if you don’t mind travelling for most of the day. A good idea would be to make the journey the day before, staying at a friends that night or booking suitable accommodation.

Car: By car the journey will take approximately 4 hours yet choose a wise time to leave as busy periods will cause delay due to traffic. Also, city driving can also result in delay so ensure you leave enough time for traffic. There are a number of NCP car parks nearby yet could be expensive if parked all day.

Some choose to return back to Liverpool on the same day whereas others prefer to explore London making the most of their time in the capital. Maybe book a hotel/apartment (if possible) for the day before your shoot to avoid the rush and stress of arriving late. Choose an option that is affordable and suitable for you and your party.

What to expect whilst in London.

Whilst in London you will have the opportunity to work with our professional team of photographers, stylists and make-up artists thus giving you valuable first hand experience of working on set. UK Models will make the most out of this time and will monitor your confidence, presence and ability to pose, allowing us to then tailor our advice to put you in the best position to start approaching agencies.

Create a portfolio.

Alongside verbal guidance we will also provide you with a working portfolio. The best and most common type seen in the industry consists of images in a book – we will provide you with your best ten from your shoot. Alternatively you can take a CD home with you that will have your photos uploaded on to it (great if you see yourself needing further copies), have a personal website made for you which will act as your online CV (known as an e-folio) or finally, a set of Z-cards.

These are small business cards that are printed with a selection of your best images, your details and statistics, thus making them great for giving out to people as and when you meet them. Of course all of these (and their benefits to you) will be explained in an informative and honest manner when you visit.

Back in Liverpool.

We can in no way guarantee that you will go on to become a working model in Liverpool but our help and advice will certainly arm you with valuable knowledge and a professional portfolio that will massively increase your chances of succeeding.

Research opportunities and agencies available in the vibrant city. Contact local agents to gain an understanding of the jobs offered in the area. Agencies may have offices in Liverpool to scout talent yet have opportunities and links further afield. Unfortunately, London is a long, expensive commute for those living in the North West looking for regular work. One off, ad hoc jobs are manageable yet relocation is most likely for successful models who do not find work in the local area.