Teen Modelling

Teen Modelling

The teen market is an area that advertisers are frequently wanting to promote their products and brands to, so teen models are always in demand for all different advertising campaigns, billboards and commercials for a wide range of products and services.

Teen modeling can be a great way to get a taster of modelling on a smaller scale before pursuing it as a full time career. 

Agencies understand that education is important and can often be flexible with arranging shoots after work hours, on weekends and in the school holidays.

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Teen models are used to advertise products and services, from the latest fashion trends to promotional educational material. They may appear in magazines or on websites, in advertising campaigns, on billboards or in TV commercials.

In short, if a teenager would buy/be interested in a product or service, agencies will need to find a teen model to show it off! Teen models are generally aged between twelve and seventeen. If you (or your son/daughter) are younger than this, you will be classed as a ‘Child Model’. If you are older, you are considered an ‘Adult Model’.


To be a successful teen model you need to have a really outgoing personality and a determined, hard-working attitude.

It’s really important to have body confidence (this doesn’t mean be thin, it means you need to love the skin that you’re in) and be able to take direction from professionals.

The most important thing about being a teen model is to love the work that you’re doing; if you can say that, you’re bound to find success.

If you (or your teenager son/daughter) are interested in pursuing a career as a model, starting on a part time basis whilst you are still of school age can be really beneficial. By doing this you can get a good feel of what it is like to work as a model without missing out on any of your education. Agencies are really understanding of models and their schooling and will work with you to arrange photo shoots during holidays, weekends or in the evenings.

Teen models need to have a strong confident personality and be determined even if there are knock backs along the way. You will need to be able to take direction, be versatile and be able to let your personality shine through, but most of all you have to enjoy being in front of the camera.


Teen modeling can be a lot of fun as well as a way of building up confidence and gaining experience of the world of work.

You need to have supportive parents as this is a process that you will need to take a parent with you, for help, guidance and security. Teen models are usually between 12-17 years old, younger models are considered child models and older one being adult models.

Before approaching UK Models or modeling agencies, it is really important that you get your parent’s go-ahead.

Having a supportive Mum or Dad is really important as agencies and brands will ask them to be present whilst attending castings and photo shoots. Don’t think of them as cramping your style, they’re actually free security, information points and transport!