Plus size modelling

Plus size modelling

Over the last 10 years the modeling industry has started to open its eyes to the potential that plus models can bring to the fashion industry. 

Most plus sized modelings need to between a size 12-16 or in some cases up to a size 18. It does still help if you are taller and a bubbly personality is a must. Evans is a good high street example of this, as they cater only for sizes 16+.

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There has been an extensive amount of bad press relating to the fashion industry’s liking to very skinny tall girls which is far from the average women. As opinions are changing, the fashion industry is starting to open its doors to more averagely sized and plus size women.

For years there has been high street clothing brands that have always used plus size models but now the world of internet shopping has revolutionised the so called catalogue industry and earned a lot more work for plus sized models.

As plus size models are more and more in demand, it is becoming more competitive and fierce. Plus size models need to be tough and be very strong willed to succeed.