Child Modelling

Child Modelling

Child modeling is on the increase, which is great news for you if you think your little boy or girl has what it takes to become a child model.

As more high street and designer brands are introducing children’s wear lines to their stores, featuring children in TV commercials and photographing them for promotional and packaging material, little faces bursting with energy and personality are becoming a popular choice for agencies.

If your little boy or girl has bright eyes, a stunning smile and a real sense of personality about them, the chances are a child-modeling agency will be more than happy to snap them up! They are looking for children with an adorable, innocent face that will help them to sell their products.

Unlike some types of modeling, you’ll be pleased to hear that child modeling doesn’t have specific rules when it comes to height, weight and looks.

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If you’ve found yourself asking the question ‘How do I get my child into modeling?’, there are a couple of points you firstly need to consider. Perhaps most importantly, does your child enjoy modeling?

This is absolutely vital because if they don’t like having their photograph taken, not only is it unfair to push them into this line of work, their lack of interest will show up in their pictures.

Secondly, you need to know if your child has the patience to be a model. The industry’s really great at recognising child models are still children at the end of the day, but a good level of patience and an ability to follow instructions is never a bad thing! Lastly, a child-modeling agency will always be on the lookout for children with confidence.


That may feel a lot to take in but you can very quickly gage your child’s suitability by taking them on a professional trial photo shoot.

To save your family a lot of potentially wasted time further down the line, this is the perfect way to see if they react well to a photographer and team of studio assistants. This experience will provide you with the opportunity to build up a recent collection of professional photographs too.

Child model agencies love to see a child’s portfolio as it allows them to gage how photogenic they are without them having to hold a specific test photo shoot themselves, but just remember, your child should look age appropriate in these shots.

There is a vast range of modelling opportunities out there for child models and rather than adult models agencies they are not interested about the height or size of the model. They are more interested in personality, a nice smile, most of the time someone who looks innocent and adorable in order to sell products. Child models can be selected for anything from TV advertising as well as ad campaigns, posters, modelling clothing lines and or to even be a poster child for an organisation.

When thinking about putting your child forward the first thing you need to find out is whether your child enjoys modelling and see if they have the patience and confidence in front of the camera. A chid model should enjoy the experience and be relaxed, comfortable around adults and be able to follow simple directions. A company or agency will not be able to work with a model that can’t sit still or is obviously shy or unhappy.


A professional photo shoot is the perfect way to start to establish if your child has model potential, there is no point going to an agency or applying for castings unless you know that modeling is something that both you and your child are serious about taking it further.

When applying to castings or you are signed to an agency they will require up to date images of your child to see how photogenic they are in front of the camera.

Your child will need to look age appropriate, so do not make your child look older than they are and make sure they show character and a lot of personality.