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Become a model

If you are looking to become a model, UK Models are here to guide you through the different stages of modelling and ultimately get you into a position to be signed to a legitimate agency or to start freelance modeling.

Starting a modelling career can seem like an unnerving task but with over 10 years of industry experience, we can put you in the position to achieve your full potential. We offer non biased and honest tailored advice to give you the best chance of succeeding, dependent on your potential you can be offered modelling assessment days to help create and develop your portfolio.

This would enable you to work with high profile fashion photographers and make-up artists to establish your suitability.

What are types of modelling avaliable today

There are many different styles of modeling available as well as the highly popular fashion based modelling. Most advertisements use models, but dependent on what they are trying to advertise, using more average models and character models can be more effective.

It is about finding out what type of modelling you are interested in and which ones will suit your style and attributes best.

You need to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie and use them to your advantage. High fashion photography will always be the most sought after as it deals with high-end brands and designers, but if you’re not 5”8 plus tall and slender, this is something which is almost impossible to get into.

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